The all-rounder for a wide product range


Ejector variants


The rotor is a star that can be made of metal with a rubber trim or completely made of rubber.

Metal rotor with rubber trim

Driven by a fast stepper motor, the rotor can eject products to the right and left with a rotary motion. The rotor functions very quietly.

The rotor can be used for very large products, such as pork, or round products, such as cabbage.


The nozzle is located at the output of an electrically controlled compressed-air valve.

Large sorting valve, such as for whole leeks

This directs the product to the appropriate sorting compartment with a targeted pulse of compressed air. The product type determines the size of the valve and the nozzle.
In addition, the pressure of the compressed air is automatically controlled by the sorting program selected.

Small products could be snails, for instance, while large products could be whole leeks.

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