Optoelectronic sorting

We know something
about that!

Our expertise makes us the best choice for the food industry.

Potatoes & vegetables

Our machines can sort many varieties of washed, unpeeled, or peeled vegetables and potatoes.

Convenience food

French fries, raw or fried, as well as potato chips are two examples of the versatility of our sorting machines.


Even with fish fillets or snails – our sorting machines really do a great job!

Meat and sausages

Our machines sort raw meat, sausages, or animal feet without a second thought.

Something else!

Want to sort something that has nothing to do with food? Ask us. We’re curious.

There’s a name for this kind of expertise.

We’re the brains behind the well-known brands…

No one can do everything!

That’s why we have capable partners

We can arrange the entire process chain…

for you in cooperation with our partners. Your sorting machine will be effortlessly integrated. We will be happy to put you in contact or you can get in touch yourself. No problem!

What remains…

…is direct contact with us when you need help with a problem or with operating or servicing the sorting machine. Because – as you already know – we know something about optoelectronic sorting.

Capable partners

Processing of potatoes and root vegetables

The specialists from Sweden ►

Processing of potatoes and root vegetables

LIMAS is the specialist for machinery and equipment for processing potatoes and other root vegetables.

LIMAS has customers throughout Europe. Founded in 1980, the company is based in Åhus, Sweden.

We are open to new partnerships

Achieving MORE together ►

We are open to new partnerships

Join us and become complete supplier of production systems in the food industry. Integrate our sorting machines into your projects.

We set ourselves the high standards that the “Made in Germany” label is known for.

Creating new perspectives as a representative

Forge ahead with dynamism ►

Creating new perspectives as a representative

Make the most of our dynamism to create new perspectives for yourself and future prospects.

Convince others of our expertise and turn prospects into loyal customers.


We are proud to have turned many prospects around the world into our customers. Here is a small selection. We have enjoyed particularly long and successful partnerships with the companies mentioned here. We appreciate the trust placed in us and the long-standing loyalty.

Find what others already have, here.

The right sorting machines for your products.


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