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The pearl…

…in the process chain – that’s how you could describe select® sortingmachines. We are an excellent choice when it comes to sorting food along the entire process chain. We develop and manufacture machines that operate on the principle of optoelectronic sorting.

Driven by the pulse of time…

…we continue to evolve in a constant process. Let us convince you with our machines. Our customer base is constantly growing. We are an indispensable partner in the food industry.

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Clearly, nothing inspires more confidence than the opinion of a satisfied customer. This success makes us proud.
We are ready to do our best to keep it that way.
The traditional AGROSELECTOR® brand is the best known,
because it all started with AGROSELECTOR®.

Sorting room, roller table


Sorting potatoes by eye and hand has always been a tedious and error-prone job. The idea was to automate this process and create better working conditions. In 1990, a small team started developing a machine for the optoelectronic quality sorting of potatoes. The idea paid off. Today, we offer various machines for a multitude of products.

Sorting room, roller table


Research and advanced development are an integral part of our work. New things are being created here in our company.
“We invented it – we can master it.”
The patented processes make our sorting machines unique.

Sorting room, roller table


We know every screw on our sorting machines, because we put each one there. We are confident in the fields of design, mechanics, electronics, software, and service. This guarantees the high quality and long service lives of our sorting machines.

Everything under one roof…

…that’s the perfect way to work efficiently. The integration of design, mechanics, electronics, software, and service under one roof ensures clear, fast communication and flexibility. This avoids errors, enables quick implementation of improvements, and guarantees consistently high quality. Some departments are neighbors in the same hallway. They could hardly get any closer.

We design our machines ourselves, fully exploiting the integration of all departments. Our sorting machines feature impressive aesthetics and functionality, without neglecting modern, hygienic design.
Our sorting machines comprise a variety of technical materials. We carefully select suitable materials and put them together expertly. We attach great importance to high resilience and long service life, but above all to certified food compatibility.
“Wireless wiring ;)”. The digital circuit diagram keeps our employees up-to-date at each work step. This means anyone can load the current specifications for the various projects. This flexibility is very useful for country-specific regulations, such as UL508A.
“We speak many software languages, such as HTML or Java.” We have also thought about the different languages of the operators. Operators who need to change the language to understand the machine can do so – while the machine is running!

We support you from installation of the sorting machine through to the end of its service life. For us, service means more than repair.

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