… and the question “what role do ten large potatoes play?”.

The AGROSELECTOR® sorting machine has become established in potato processing lines of all sizes in the last 30 years. Both large and small enterprises have become our customers during this successful period.

We would like to briefly summarize the unique advantages of the AGROSELECTOR® which have persuaded even small factories to use a sorting machine from SELECT®.

AGROSELECTOR<sup>®</sup> arcus<sup>®</sup> in a small factory

AGROSELECTOR® arcus® in a small factory

Space requirement– Small companies usually modernize or expand their lines in existing buildings and here every square metre has to be used as efficiently as possible. The AGROSELECTOR® is a compact sorting machine with a small footprint that is delivered to the customer fully assembled. Customers can manoeuvre the AGROSELECTOR® between other equipment with a small lift truck and set it up themselves.

Planning – We customize the AGROSELECTOR® to the needs of the customer wherever possible. We give every customer our undivided attention. Click here to see examples of customization.

Operating Costs – The inspection unit of the AGROSELECTOR® is equipped with economical LEDs which consume a fraction of the energy of other light sources. Furthermore, the potatoes are not ejected with expensive compressed air, but with a quiet, electric driven rubber finger rotor.

Confidence – We kept our promises to supply machines that have a long working life. Many customers operate an AGROSELECTOR® that is well over 10 years old and our customers appreciate the reliability and low cost of ownership over this whole period. During this time we have constantly improved our remote service to be able to carry out fast remote diagnosis or parameter settings via the Internet. The operators can count on our support throughout their machine’s entire lifetime.

Investment – We know that this point is a hard decision for most small businesses, but with the AGROSELECTOR® arcus® you are buying a premium quality sorting machine.

AGROSELECTOR<sup>®</sup> arcus<sup>®</sup>, Roller table after exit

AGROSELECTOR® arcus®, Roller table after exit

Please try to imagine the following: Take 10 large, peeled potatoes and place them next to each other. Do you know anyone who could objectively analyse and categorise all of these for quality and size in just one second? Could even 10 people do this and, if so, for how long repetitively?

The AGROSELECTOR® arcus® can. It sorts 10 potatoes in one second without even breaking into a sweat and keeps on doing it all day long (and all night if necessary) with just the same accuracy as at the start of the day. Have a look at this video (starts an external app).

The AGROSELECTOR® arcus® loves monotony and delivers a consistent result over a long time.

Let your employees do nicer things, e.g. help with packaging or selling, while you produce more peeled potatoes of the quality your customer needs.

If you would like to know more please write to us, use our contact form or call us. Make an appointment to test your products free of charge and without obligation at our factory.