…are all that’s needed sometimes to replace two old AGROSELECTORS® with two new AGROSELECTORS® – the key is good preparation. This article shows that it works.

As part of a new investment program, a customer had decided to install two new AGROSELECTORS® in its process chain. The previous machines were only ten years old and would have still worked well for a good few years. On the other hand, each new generation of AGROSELECTORS® comes with technical innovations that justify this investment. These could be lower energy consumption, better optical resolution, an improved control concept, or enhancement of the sorting algorithms, for example.

The cost for the customer of re-equipping the process chain is low, and the dimensions of the various machine generations vary only slightly. Neighboring process equipment does not need to be moved. Not even the electricity, water and compressed air-connections, or their dimensions need to be changed. Only a network connection for the sorting machines needs to be provided.