Sorting machine for washed, unpeeled products


20 t/h

is the maximum processing capacity of the AGROSELECTOR® twin arcus.
Capacity depends on product type and size.


An all-round view makes it possible to capture the entire product surface.
The AGROSELECTOR® twin arcus identifies the following on the product surface:

  • Color values
  • Contrast differences
  • Spots of rot
  • Green marks
  • Red, brown, and black spots
  • Scab, Rhizoctonia
  • Foreign objects

The size and external shape of the product are also detected.

6 rubber fingers

form a rotating star that guides your products from free fall into the assigned sorting compartment.
The rubber-fingered star is moved by an electrically powered ejector for spot-on, fast operation.
This process is internationally patent-protected.

The AGROSELECTOR® twin arcus has separate ejectors for two lines.

At the output of the AGROSELECTOR® twin arcus there are 3 sorting compartments to which you can assign variable sorting qualities.

2 lines

working in parallel and independently of one another give the AGROSELECTOR® twin arcus its unmistakable form.
Several advantages make the AGROSELECTOR® twin arcus a popular sorting machine:

  • Soft, rubber “hedgehog belt” at the machine output
  • Low noise
  • Low energy consumption
  • Can be used around the clock
  • Safe handling with few hazards
  • Long service life with low spare-parts costs

AGROSELECTOR® twin arcus® in practice

AGROSELECTOR® twin arcus® on

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